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  • Vidder Profiles

    In 2009 and 2010, BradCPU produced an ambitious programme called Vidder Profiles. He talked about it in 2012, in TWC, so I won’t rehash here. I think it’s so interesting to hear voices of other vidders so, with his permission, I’ve included seven of his wonderful documentary shorts here. The playlist is on the next screen.

    You can also watch each profile individually, paired with a playlist of the (available on Youtube) featured vids from each documentary. You can follow the link on each vidder name to find the original Vidder Profile posts on LJ.


  • Absolute Destiny

  • Charmax

  • Dualbunny

  • Dragonchic

  • Kiki Miserychic

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  • Mr Anderson

  • Obsessive 24