A note from the editor

Hello. We made it! Thank you to all the contributors, who made this such an absorbing project. (Particular thanks to Stuart for the regex.) This little zine is a present to myself, really, to celebrate both my tenth anniversary in vidding and surviving an unexpected illness. But you’re welcome to share in it too! (You don’t have to share the septic shock. :P)

From the original proposal:

Taste: Your taste is what I want to know about. Your responses. Tell me what you love, tell me what you hate, be honest, be real, be unfair, be indulgent, be concerned with pleasure, beauty, and emotions. Digress, annotate, reference. Be fannish, be radical, be serious, be lively, mess around! Be totally unprofessional.

Vidding and Vidders

I asked interesting people to tell me things I’m interested in. I asked Gwyn to expand her remarks from an article we were both just in. I asked Morgan Dawn, a VHS vidder before I ever discovered vidding, to tell me her vidding history. I asked Bironic, whose wonderful vid Starships went hugely viral, to tell me about showing her vid in a museum. I asked Loki to tell me about Pteryx, who does this incredible soundwork I’m really into at the moment, and to natter to her about any viddery she liked.

As well as new articles, I’ve included three of my favourite pieces of vidding meta published during the ten years I’ve been vidding. Thank you so much to Nicky, Brad, HWG and Kiki for those pieces. ♥


There are six vids featured in depth. I asked the contributors, some who are old friends and some who were complete strangers to me, for only one thing - to do exactly what they wanted. Pleasure and self indulgence is what I love about vidding. It’s what I do here. So I haven’t chosen the vids discussed in this zine. I have only asked (demanded) that the contributors choose and commit to their own response.

Everything in this wonderful gift of a zine is totally free and made for the love of fandom. I know that a lot of us have gone pro in one way or the other over the years, I have too, but this zine is not professional. It is not a product, it is a process. It is fannish, and that means liberty.

Here, we do what we want.



  1. I coded this in Liquid (Jekyll) as a longform component system, so if you’d like to use it to make your own zine, you can. I’ll open source it on Github or something and bang a GUI on it.
  2. Some of the interstitial gifs are made with open license VJ loops from the inimitable Beeple. The others I photoshopped from stock, mostly off Pexels. However, the featured picture, Mykonos, by Albymangroves, is hand drawn.